Monday, September 3, 2018

The end of summer

It was a regular day 
Pretty and hot Sunday 

She was wondering about life
She just wanted to feel alive 

Time goes fast
Don't look back your past

Everything happens for a reason
But she's so emotional on this new season

Saturday, September 1, 2018

No title

The light still lighting
The heart still beating

The eyes stil seeing
The mouth stil talking

The labirint is over there
I just need to feel fresh air

I can not think when you are talking
Maybe I'm gonna go walking

Walking to a foggy day
Trying to find the most beautiful Monday

Everyday is a challenge
So many things to rearrange

It's not that easy
Like a peeze lemon squeeze

I planted flowers in your hert
But life keeps going like an old art

Love is blindness
But it won't make me faithless


The old trees at that park
Hugged my spirit
Like God

Ode to Candles

Tons of candles
Invade my soul
The fire burns my skin
& I breathe verbena

My consciousness is floating
Like candles in the deep ocean
Spring, sea, waves
Doesn't matter
Its gonna burn the same way

Oh, candles
Why so beautiful yet so short?

without map

walking on the street
Just looking at my feet

I see deformity
In this complicated and beautiful city

Wondering everyday
If here is good to stay

The time goes fast
It's better for you to heal your past

My dream is to go back to the moon
Like that Sunday afternoon

Sometimes life is crazy
Or we make it lazy

They said "keep going"
I just wonder "Where are you going?"

It is a new time to start
Don't be sad, you're smart

It's not about sadness
My mind blows just madness

"Don't read it out loud
Would I feel proud?

Everything is about time
I need to find another word to rhyme

Just breathing like a sunflower
Should I burn it in one hour?

It's time to say thank you and goodbye
Because everything we had was a lie.